Indian Youth Congress Conference for District President And General Secretary

14th, 15th May, 1975 Delhi.

All India Congress Open Session

1975, Chandigarh.

Journalist Training Camp oragnised by U.P. Hindi Samachar Patra Sammelan.

Haldwani, U.P. 23rd to 29th May, 1975.

Indian Youth Congress Block President Conference

9th , 10th August, 1976, Delhi.

Indian Youth Congress Workers Conference.

19-20th November, 1977, Delhi.

Annual Conference of Indian Federation of Working Journalist

25th to 28th August, 1977, Hyderabad.

All India Congress Committee Workers Conference,

Delhi, 1978.

A.I.C.C. Session

13th September, 1979, Delhi.

Conference of I.F.W.J.

28th to 30th August, 1980, Cochin.

Conference of I.F.W.J.

August, 1982, Bangalore

A.I.C.C. Open Session

1983, Calcutta.

Youth Congress Block President Conference

13th to 14th April, 1984, Tirupati.

A.I.C.C. Session

4th May, 1985, New Delhi.

Conference of Congress Centenary Celebration

27th to 29th December, 1986, Bombay.

Seva Dal National Training Camp for Young Parliamentarians

28th August, 1986, Nainital (U.P.)

Asia National Conference of Rotary International

12th to 15th October, 1987, New Delhi

A.I.C.C. Session 4-5th November, 1988

New Delhi.

A.I.C.C. Session 14-16th April, 1992


A.I.C.C. Session 27-28th March, 1993


A.I.C.C. Session 10-11th June, 1994.


A.I.C.C. Session Plenary 8-10th August, 1997


A.I.C.C. Session 6th April, 1998

New Delhi.

A.I.C.C. Session 18th December, 1998

New Delhi.

P.C.C. CHINTAN CAMP 7-9th February, 1999

Haridwar (U.P.)

A.I.C.C. Session 25th May, 1999

New Delhi.

Congress Rally 6th March, 2000


P.C.C. POLITICAL CAMP 24-25th August, 2001

Vrindavan (U.P.)

A.,I.C.C. Session 17-18th March, 2001


A.I.C.C. Session 24-25th May, 2002

New Delhi

A.I.C.C. Session 21st August, 2004

New Delhi

Actively Involved in Dandi March (Gujrat) Conducted by AICC.

12th March to 06th April, 2005

A.I.C.C. Plenary Session 21-23rd January, 2006


A.I.C.C. Session November, 2007

New Delhi

A.I.C.C. Session 2nd November, 2010

New Delhi

A.I.C.C. Plenary Session 19-20th December, 2010

New Delhi

A.I.C.C. Chintan Camp 2013


A.I.C.C. Session 2014

New Delhi

A.I.C.C. “JAN VEDNA SAMMELAN” 11 January 2016

New Delhi

A.I.C.C. Plenary Session 2018

New Delhi